The  “W.O.B.M.F.”


In The BDC Concours d’Elegance Programme last year, those of you who actually read these things might just remember (but I doubt it) that I invited you all to treat the words: “W. O. Bentley Memorial Foundation” as an acronym.  Thus: “WOBMF”.


Once you had mastered the pronunciation, I then invited you all to shout it as loud as possible, in the vain hope that I would be able to hear a chorus of WOMBFs, rolling round the field, rather like a Mexican Wave.  Needless to say, I was totally underwhelmed by the response.  Please try again.  My ears are waiting to be assailed...


Perhaps that is a forlorn hope.  However, I do hope that I have set you to thinking about the WOMBF.  That organisation runs independently from the Bentley Drivers Club but, in parallel to and in cooperation with it.  As Ken Lea, the Foundation Chairman says: “Seamlessly”.


As most of you will know, WOBMF was founded in 1998 as a Charitable Trust.  Whilst cooperation with the BDC is important, the Trustees of WOBMF must follow the rules of Charity Law and the Memorial Foundation must be a quite separate entity.


The Memorial Foundation endeavours to fulfil a number of functions.  One of the initial major purposes was to safeguard the artefacts and memorabilia that had been accumulated by the Bentley Drivers Club.  A further objective is to try to obtain any Bentley material that comes to light, in order to protect and preserve it for future generations.  Additionally, the Trustees have a responsibility to provide information and to educate the wider public.  To that end, staff member Alan Bodfish, has given several lectures to other organisations and, entertained many visitors to the Clubhouse and the Archives.  Several of the Trustees also undertake such duties and, generally spread the Bentley Gospel.  


Archive material, drawings, books, photographs, trophies etc. are all held by the Foundation.  Additionally, there are a number of personal items, e.g. W O’s MBE; Nobby Clarke’s War Medals; numerous Racing trophies; Keston Pelmore’s War Medals and other items etc.  From time to time, our Museum displays are given a new historical theme.  Hopefully the WOBMF can produce something of interest to all.


We also publish books on various aspects of the Bentley story, all with the intention of spreading knowledge of matters Bentley.  The latest of these is a fantastically detailed work by Dr Tom Dine, entitled “BENTLEY ROTARY AERO ENGINES, released on the 4th August 2014.  Orders are being taken now at the WOBMF.


We need to raise funds in order to continue with the work.  For some years now, BDC members have been invited to include a £10 (plus) donation to their annual subscription.  The support of these “FRIENDS” is deeply appreciated by the seven Trustees, all of whom are, of course, unpaid volunteers. 


More recently, we have introduced the category of “LIFE ASSOCIATE” for those kind souls who might be prepared to make a larger donation to the cause.

John Hamperl


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