There are approximately 10,000 drawings in safe storage all of which have been scanned and are held in electronic form with The WO Bentley Memorial Foundation. They are available to Members, at a modest charge through Alan Bodfish  who administers their availability. He may be contacted through through Club Office at Wroxton..

Those of you who hold original drawings will be aware of their fragile nature and the need to have an electronic version so that they are not lost forever as they degrade even further. If you contact Club office with the details we will arrange for them to be scanned for safe keeping.

The Blueprints are the way that copies of drawings were produced at the time the Factory was first established and as original drawings were re-issued with alterations a new blueprint would be produced for the workshop and for the file. The issue information would be updated on the original and would show up on the blueprint. There are several versions of each blueprint and the issue information is an important part of each one, as is the signature of the draughtsman and his boss at the time, Harry Varley. The skill of the draughtsman guided the quality of the product.

Original drawings are important, and tracings of originals also. These would remain in the Drawing Office on file and the tracings used to produce the blueprints for the workshop.

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