At this time of year when Club Membership renewals are in our minds it is also the time to think of donations and contributions to the Foundation to keep everything running. I joined the Bentley Drivers Club in 1993 when I bought my Derby, and just like any other member, was pleased to see the Club being active and a great reason to give the car an airing at the various social events.

I have been involved in a variety of motor clubs, mostly on the competitive side of the activities but my local motor club was the one that forced me to put something back to enable these events to be put on. It was fine for me to reap the fruits of all that time and effort put in by the enthusiasts that always have to be the driving force behind any event that takes place, and just turn up, compete and then go home!

But that was really me taking the Micky.

My comeuppance came of course and I was volunteered for some Marshalling, time keeping, running controls in the middle of the night, scrutineering, stewarding, clerk of course, and not to forget, the marking out and providing the course for the event. 

That was my introduction to all of the hard work that goes on behind the scenes.

The comeuppance had an up side to it though, it taught me how the sport worked and better still how the Club could do the events. It also taught me that my time was as valuable as a monetary contribution, and the same can be said today for the time that all of the Bentley Drivers Club Volunteers give, and so too for all of the time given by The Volunteers that keep the Foundation running.

The donations received from Supporters keep the Foundation afloat and progressing from strength to strength but it also needs the Volunteers working behind the scenes to achieve those results. Amongst the Club Membership and our Foundation supporters, there are valuable skills, depth of knowledge, youthfulness and physical strength. All attributes we can find a use for.

If you think you can spare an hour or two at a time to suit yourself, I'm sure The Foundation can use it - perhaps a New Years Resolution?


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